User Conference
Planning —
More Than a Sales Pitch

Tech companies need to get a lot out of their user conference. From educating current customers to closing new business – each user meeting is a huge opportunity.

But just as your company and platform evolve – so do your customers and their expectations. Your user conference planning needs to evolve, too.

Running your user conference the same way year after year isn’t playing it safe. It’s a huge risk. A boring user meeting experience leaves customers wondering whether your company – and its technology – can keep up with the times.

Your user conference planning shouldn’t just be a product pitch. Good user conference planning focuses on what your customers want – not just what you want them to care about.

Effective User Conference Planning

An exceptional user conference positions your company as the industry leader. But in the hypercompetitive tech industry, winning that edge and maintaining it requires a diligent approach to user conference planning.

Your user meeting should:

  • Build loyalty. Are your competitors telling your customers that their product is better, cheaper or easier to use? Customer loyalty is key to retention, but it’s hard to build over the phone or via email. Your user conference connects you with your customers face-to-face — which research shows is critical to building relationships and brand loyalty that shrinks customer turnover.
  • Gather feedback.  Your user meeting guests are more than just a captive audience for your next big product announcement. They’re also your best source for honest and helpful product feedback that results in better products and updates. Good user conference planning builds opportunities for candid feedback and helpful insights from the people who use your product every day.
  • Educate customers. Customers won’t pay for a tool if they can’t figure out how to use it. Minor problems with user experience can lead to high frustration and customer turnover. Well-planned education during your user meeting improves customer success, experience and retention rates. Smart user conference planning builds trust that pays off throughout the year.

Why Partner with Maritz Travel for User Conference Planning?

Maritz Travel has the experience and buying power to create an unforgettable experience for your most important users – all without going over budget. Leading organizations trust us. In fact, we have a 95 percent customer retention rate.

Thanks to our experience and buying power, our team delivers a user meeting that drives real results for your company.

Whether you need an end-to-end partner, or support in just a few key areas, we want to help create a user conference that takes your company to the next level.

How can you design a better experience for your next user conference? Reach out to Maritz Travel today and find out. 

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