Is your product launch event market ready?

New product development can take months or years – and a huge financial investment. When it’s time to unveil your hard work to the world, the product launch event must be flawless.

A strong product launch event generates enthusiasm for your work. Done well, the event leads to positive media coverage, surging pre-orders and a bump in your stock price.

But a bad product launch event distracts from your announcement and undermines your entire product launch strategy. Your most important stakeholders walk away with the wrong impression about your company and the investment you’ve made in your product.

Your launch event can’t just be an afterthought if you want your product to take off. It’s the lynchpin of your product launch strategy.

Creating a Successful Product Launch Event

The keys to an effective product launch event are:

  • Integration with your product launch strategy. About 70-80 percent of new products fail each year. Too often, the product launch event is an afterthought. Apple understands how to use launch events to meet the goals behind their latest launches including generating customer excitement and clearly communicating why you want to invest in the latest upgrades.
  • Designing an experience, not an announcement. Every company wants the spotlight on their new product – but standing out can be difficult. Smart business leaders give themselves the edge by designing a product launch event that taps the latest in neuroscience research on how to capture attention and motivate people to action.
  • Flawless implementation. Anything from a technical glitch to a scheduling delay can become the one thing your guests remember about your new product announcement. Great product launch events keep guests and media coverage focused on content – not mistakes.

Why partner with Maritz Travel on your product launch event?

The stakes are high for your product launch. Maritz Travel wants to help. When you work with us, we design an experience that integrates your product launch event with your product launch strategy.  Our design teams use proven strategies to make your event memorable and motivate your stakeholders to action.

Whether you need end-to-end service or support in just a few key areas we provide flawless implementation. That way you can focus on what’s important and we can focus on making sure you look good.

Wondering if your product launch event is ready for take-off? Maritz Travel can help -- contact us today.

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