Managing medical meetings in today’s environment isn’t easy.

Maritz Travel | Healthcare Solutions™ can help you create exceptional HCP experiences while keeping your meetings in compliance.

Medical meetings planners face huge challenges. Nearly every healthcare company and every country have different rules – from spend cap limits to procedures for data collection and reporting. These regulations drastically complicate the planning process, with limits on nearly every aspect – from airfare to hotels, food & beverage and more.

These changes have also led to complex reporting requirements. Managing all of that data takes up valuable planning time - especially when it’s housed in multiple systems with different vendors.

Three Considerations for Effective Medical Meetings

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re leading medical device and pharmaceutical meeting planning. A partner can help you:

  1. Ensure your medical meetings and events meet your company’s regulatory requirements. A good partner should start by understanding your business requirements, then bring in an experienced and highly trained team to ensure your meeting meets all of those requirements – no exceptions.
  2. Deliver better meeting experiences for your HCPs. From finding creative ways to manage your budget within spend caps to delivering flawless event logistics, the right medical and pharmaceutical meeting planning partner can help you improve the meeting experience for health care providers, ensuring your meeting still drives the results your company needs.
  3. Simplify your reporting process. Reporting isn’t just complicated, it can take away valuable planning time. When data lives in different databases and spreadsheets, managing the data and ensuring its accuracy can be challenging. The right partner can help you streamline your reporting process, and let you get back to meeting management.

Maritz Travel | Healthcare Solutions – A Medical Meetings and Pharmaceutical Meeting Planning Partner Who Gets It

Maritz Travel has the experience, expertise and technology capabilities to help you meet all of these challenges in medical meeting and pharmaceutical meeting planning.

We developed Maritz Travel | Healthcare Solutions in direct response to the most pressing challenges facing medical meeting planners today. We’re committed to helping pharmaceutical and medical device companies navigate a complex regulatory climate to deliver better healthcare provider (HCP) experiences and drive results for their companies.

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In the last year, we managed more than 2,000 medical meetings (domestic and globally), including product launches, advisory boards and speaker trainings.

We have dedicated health care compliance expertise on staff. Pat Schaumann, our Compliance Director, developed the training that certifies meeting planners on healthcare compliance. In fact, more than 1,000 meeting professionals have received their Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate from Pat in the last 18 months.

We also offer our clients a custom technology solution that captures and consolidates medical meetings data from different technology platforms, meetings and vendors into one location.

Maritz Travel is a full-service medical meetings and events provider. Interested in learning more?