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Are You Ready to Take Your Event Global?

Today's meetings are rapidly expanding beyond geographic borders. Your most important stakeholders live and work across the globe. Your meetings and events play a critical role in engaging them and achieving your business goals.

Worldwide meeting planning creates exciting new opportunities for event planners, but also brings new challenges. When you need to execute events across five different regions, it can be tempting to just try to replicate what’s worked in the U.S. Who will notice, right?

Your guests will. No one will attend each version of your event in each different country or continent, but your guests know when you take shortcuts. They want events that not only include important information but are culturally relevant as well.

Global Meeting Services That Get Results

Worldwide meeting planning requires a thoughtful and rigorous approach. A good global meeting services partner helps you solve your toughest event management challenges:

  • Making your event culturally relevant. Planning events in multiple locations across the globe also means designing consistent but unique event experiences that work in each location. Often, your event has locations and audiences in many different countries, but it still needs to drive the same key metrics. To achieve this, you need flexibility to design an experience that is relevant and interesting to guests in each of those countries.
  • Successful negotiating in different business cultures. Even in today’s global economy, there are no standard business practices for contract negotiations. Some cultures favor more explicit negotiations while others require implicit communication that make it difficult to know when, or if, you can ask for concessions. A strong global meetings services partner has experienced team members who understand how to negotiate in these countries -- and know how to get you the best possible rates and terms.
  • Finding the right on-the-ground resources. The best worldwide meeting planning can fail with the wrong local partners. The right on-site support team delivers for your guests because it is experienced delivering events that respect local customs and cultures.

Why should I partner with Maritz Travel for global meeting services?

When your company needs events hosted in locations around the world, drawing on domestic meeting planning expertise is no longer enough. You need a partner with decades of worldwide meeting planning experience. Maritz Travel can help.

Our global meeting services include access to the MSPsupplier program, our team of Global General Managers, and the Maritz Global Meetings Network.

Through our industry-leading partnerships, we help clients vet and identify hand-selected partners in many locations throughout the world. We pick these partners because of their meeting capabilities and expertise, their ability to uniquely connect our client programs to their regions and because they share our ethics and values. That means your guests get the flawless experience you expect Maritz Travel to deliver – no matter where they are in the world.

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