Attendee Engagement —
The Key to the Best Corporate Events

What’s the difference between the best corporate events – the ones that drive groundbreaking business results – and the events that fail? Attendee engagement.

If your most important events fall flat or feel like a waste of time, your guests won’t take action. Attendee engagement means each guest must find personal value in your program.

The best corporate events reward participants with personalized experiences. They compel guests to continue desired behaviors and convince them to change behaviors that aren’t working.

Attendee engagement starts by designing a memorable guest experience.

Every event organizer wants to drive attendee engagement. But in a world of endless distractions, getting everyone together in-person and offsite isn’t enough to win their focused attention.

According to neuroscience research, the best corporate events interrupt their guest’s everyday habits and routines. They build a unique, yet extremely relevant experience for guests, interrupting the status quo and making it impossible for them to guess what’s next.

Making your event a novel but relevant experience requires a deep understanding of your organization, your attendees and a commitment to designing an experience that drives guests to action.

But how do you find a partner that cares as much about your guests’ experience as you do?

How Can Maritz Travel Drive Attendee Engagement at My Event?

We get it – when you’re looking for an event management services partner you have one question on your mind: Can they really deliver an experience that meets my guests’ standards while delivering on my company’s goals?

At Maritz Travel, we share your passion for your guests and for results that matter. We love brainstorming with you about the best event design for you and provide scientifically proven ways to drive meaningful attendee engagement.

We understand that the best corporate events focus on the guest experience. It’s our passion – and we’ve built our reputation on our passion for your guests. For example:

  • We partnered with The Maritz Institute to develop a rigorous internal certification program. The training guarantees your Maritz Travel event design team knows how to design customized guest experiences that deliver results for your company.
  • Certified Master Designers lead our event design program. They complete more than five months of training and have experience applying their classroom knowledge to real events. 
  • We developed the Eight Phases of a Successful Event – an event planning model that creates memorable and consistent guest experiences. An event that follows the Eight Phases generates attendee engagement from the first announcement to the event itself and continues through all follow-up communications.

We believe the best corporate events start with science-based event design from our experience design experts followed by flawless event management implementation from our on-site team.

Wondering how you can improve your attendee engagement? Download the 8 Phases of a Successful Event eBook today.

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