Collaborative Supplier Relationships
are Integral to Your Event’s Success

In today’s seller’s market, you need supplier partnerships that help you achieve your business objectives, limit your risk and save you time and money, too.

Whether you’re managing your own suppliers or working with an experienced partner, you may not be getting the advantageous terms and concessions you should. Without the strength of a partner that knows the industry and suppliers – you could be missing a huge opportunity. Do you find yourself wondering:

  • Are the suppliers I’m working with financially stable and trustworthy?
  • Are my suppliers reducing my risk or exposing me to more risk?
  • Could I be getting a better deal on airline tickets, hotel rooms or F&B for my company?
  • Why are things like venue sourcing eating up so much of my time and budget?
  • Are my suppliers providing the best experience for my guests?

With the right partner, you never have to worry about these questions.

Supplier Relationships – Getting More of What You Want at a Lower Cost

Finding a partner with key supplier relationships will impact your bottom line and improve the event experience – keeping senior leadership and your guests happy. We recommend finding a partner with the following qualities:

  • Buying Power. Can your partners get you the best terms and concessions from the hotel chains you want to work with? Maritz Travel’s size and the volume of meetings we manage results in better rates from the world’s leading hospitality companies. We provide our clients with these costs savings they wouldn’t be able to achieve on their own. The volume of business we negotiate with hotel, DMC and airline partners help us pass real-time savings onto our clients.
  • Better Client Experiences. Supplier relations isn’t just about saving money. At Maritz Travel, our supplier relations team works to achieve more favorable terms with strategic partners and create better alignment around customer service expectations and execution. This means higher attendee and client satisfaction ratings.
  • Reduced Client Risk. When your partner has an extensive network of suppliers like Maritz Travel, you work with suppliers that are constantly vetted for financial stability, insurance coverage and crisis management. At Maritz Travel, we use pre-negotiated contract templates that aggressively provide mutual protection for you and the suppliers.

How Maritz Travel Uses Supplier Relationships to Save You Money

At Maritz Travel, managing thousands of meetings and events a year means we have the strong and trusted relationships with our partners.

Why does this matter to you? We pass on savings from these relationships to you. Through our preferred supplier program, Maritz Travel works to secure the best concessions and terms for you.

Our supplier partner program, MSP2, includes:

  • Best-in-class hotels, destination management companies, cruise lines and airlines. Our commitment to designing and executing exceptional event experiences includes securing world-class accommodations for each meeting, event or incentive trip.
  • High quality program operations that encourage lower client costs. Our global network gives you access to the best destinations in the world and on-the-ground support wherever you hold your event.
  • Cost savings for you (totaling more than 27 percent in the last year for full-service clients). We have the experience and relationships to offer discounts and aggressive terms in the following areas:
    • Rooms
    • Functions
    • Meetings space
    • Fees
    • In-house AV
    • Other in-house services
    • Activities
    • Off-property events

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