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I’m a certified/experienced meeting planner, why do I need to hire Maritz Travel?

You have a lot on your plate, and you can’t clone yourself. We love working alongside experienced planners and internal teams, and they love working with us. We’re don’t replace what works. We supplement what you’re doing well, make sure you’re getting the best rates and take things off your plate so you can focus on your core responsibilities.

Can Maritz Travel help me plan my family vacation or schedule my next business meeting?

We do not offer personal travel or corporate travel fulfillment services.

Does my event have to be a certain size to work with Maritz Travel?

We generally work with large and mid-size companies who either plan meetings and events they need support on, or plan a large volume of smaller events that they’d like help managing more strategically a few large events a year that require a high level of strategic event design and event management support. We’d love to hear from you regardless to start a conversation and see where we can help.

However, if you need event support – we want to talk no matter your event size! Some of our offerings are flexible based on size, and we also have a network of partners we can refer you to if we’re not the best fit for you.

I already work with a full-service provider. Why should I consider Maritz Travel?

Our size, buying power and deep experience is unparalleled in the industry. No matter what issues you’re facing, we’ve seen it before. We’ve helped meeting planners implement effective business events for decades.

Our size also means we have depth and breadth of experience. Our dedicated team of event managers gives you a personal, one-on-one experience but we can quickly scale when needed. We can activate an extended team of specialists to find the exact expertise or level of support you need.

I already work with several partners I like. Do I have to stop working with them to work with you?

No, we have extensive experience working with other partners. If you have existing relationships that are working for you – that’s great and we don’t want to change that. But Maritz Travel can help in a variety of other ways. Some clients use us as a general contractor to create consistency and seamless integration among different service providers. Others use us for a few key services to round out their event management team of partners.

What kind of technology can Maritz Travel offer to my event?

Maritz Travel offers multiple technology solutions. We take a strategic approach to technology selection, working with you to solve your biggest event technology challenges. We help clients that need an end-to-end event technology solution or fill a particular technology need that can’t be filled by other partners.

Maritz Travel’s full technology services allow you to manage and integrate all aspects of your event including registration, session management, your mobile app and general operations.

Guests register for your event, book air travel and reserve hotel rooms in one place. During the event they use your event’s mobile app to manage all their travel information, session schedules and documents.

Does Maritz Travel provide on-site help?

Yes. Maritz Travel’s on-site event support gives you one point of contact for your event. Your lead travel director manages your on-site event team, which can include specialists in transportation, registration and housing, activities management, meetings management, food and beverage, as well as hotel billing.

In addition, your team of travel directors is always backed by Maritz Travel’s 24/7 emergency operations center. You always have the support you need in the case of an emergency.

Who will be on my team at Maritz Travel?

Your team will include:

  • A sector leader, account executive and director of event management working with you at every step to make your event successful.
  • A meeting event manager directs your travel directors and experts in:
    • Sourcing
    • Housing & registration
    • Air travel
    • Event technology and web development
    • Creative Services
    • Billing and reconciliation

How is Maritz Travel different from Maritz, Maritz Global Events and Experient?

We’re part of a family of companies. Luckily, there’s no sibling rivalry here – we all work together to make each other better.

Our sister company – Experient – offers similar event management services to ours. But while we’re focused on the corporate market, Experient primarily focusses on associations, trade shows organizers, government meetings and sports event market, among others.

We’re united with Experient by our parent company – Maritz Global Events. Maritz Global Events helps us work with Experient to share best practices, enhance our existing services and technology, and leverage our combined buying power to negotiate great rates for clients

We’re all part of Maritz Holdings Inc., a holding company, which focuses on companies dedicated to helping businesses achieve their full potential. Maritz Holdings Inc. owns Maritz Travel, Maritz Global Events, Experient, and unites us with other companies that have specialties like customer experience technology, employee engagement and motivation, incentives and rewards, and customer loyalty.

Can Maritz Travel plan events outside of the U.S.?

Absolutely. Our global meeting services include access to the MSP2 supplier program, our experienced team of Global General Managers and the Maritz Global Events Global Meetings Network.

Through industry-leading partnerships, we help our clients vet and identify worldwide partners that we hand-selected. We trust them because of their meeting capabilities and expertise, their ability to uniquely connect our client programs to their regions and they share our ethics and values.

Can Maritz Travel help me manage my event’s risks?

Today’s meetings and events face unprecedented levels of risk. Outside forces can disrupt your planning and even destroy your program.   To be successful, it is critical to understand all the risks associated with doing events in today’s world -  and are more importantly, what can be done to minimize them.

Maritz Travel can help you mitigate this risk because:

  • We’re experienced in planning and executing events that comply with today’s government regulations and sensitive to the political climate.
  • We design programs that motivate and inspire multiple generations of employees – which is becoming increasingly important and challenging.
  • Our unparalleled buying power and preferred supplier relationships deliver great event sourcing rates and concessions for our clients.
  • We’re always backed by our 24/7 emergency operations center. You always have the support you need in the case of an emergency.

How do I measure my events’ success?

The best event measurement helps you understand your guests’ needs and show where you can optimize attendee engagement. We help clients tie their event to their company’s most important business objectives, and choose the right analytics that prove that impact.

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