Collaborative Supplier Relationships
are Integral to Your Event’s Success

Are you under pressure to deliver corporate event ROI? Do you need to help your boss understand how your meeting results connect to company goals?

Today, anecdotes and guest survey results are no longer enough to justify your budget  You need advanced event measurement and meeting analytics. To deliver the right meeting results for your boss, you need to understand what event success looks like.

Planning for Corporate Event ROI

Maritz Travel starts the corporate event ROI process by getting to know you, your brand and your event goals. We facilitate a strategic discussion with your critical stakeholders to identify your company’s most important goals and align them with your brand and your guests’ expectations.

Our approach to designing meeting results reduces subjectivity and improves event effectiveness. We do this in three ways:

  • Define objectives upfront: We work with you and your team to understand what you want from the event and what major business goals your event must support. By clearly stating what you expect the event to achieve, you’re setting clear expectations and identifying the metrics you need to collect to prove it.
  • Design to objectives: Our event design team partners with you to create a flawless event experience that delivers on the objectives you identified. As you plan the event experience, this method gives you the power to push back against irrelevant requests from squeaky wheels and resist the temptation to add empty gimmicks and trends that distract guests from taking measureable actions.
  • Measure to objectives: Maritz Travel is also there to help during the event itself. We make sure you’re accurately collecting the data you need to prove corporate event ROI to your boss. That way you can focus on what matters most – your guests’ experience.

Maritz Travel Can Help You Tie Meeting Results to Corporate Event ROI

Last year, Maritz Travel partnered with companies on nearly 4,500 events – all with a focus on achieving the meeting results they need.

These industry leading companies choose us because they trust that we can help them achieve their most important business goals and drive measurable attendee engagement from the first invitation to post-event follow up.

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