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Case Studies from Maritz Travel

Maritz Travel has decades of experience designing and executing flawless events for the world’s leading companies. Our experience includes events of all types, sizes and across a variety of locations and industries.

Our clients love our focus on corporate event ROI, attendee engagement and the cost savings they get from our size and scale in areas like event sourcing.

We’re sharing our library of event management case studies and feedback from the clients who brought them to life for two reasons:

  1. Every event management case study has a lesson for event organizers. In the library you will find:
    • Innovative ideas that might work for your event
    • Event risks you should add to your crisis management plan
    • Other insights to bring to your event planning process
  2. To prove to you that Maritz Travel can meet your high standards and demand for meeting results. As you’re planning your next big event, we hope you’ll consider adding Maritz Travel to your team. Whether you need a full-service partner or support in just a few key areas, we provide the exact level of service you need. These event management case studiesshowcase how we make your event – and you – look good.

Check out our Event Management Case Studies

Each event management case study on this page highlights how our team worked with a company to manage their events’ biggest risks while delivering exceptional, measurable results.

Leveraging Experience Design Thinking

Learn how event experience design helped Maersk create their best event ever!

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Designing an Unforgettable Global Experience

Learn how Maritz Travel helped a leading financial services company create an unforgettable European incentive trip when faced with a sudden change of location.

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Improving Mobile App Adoption

Read how Maritz Travel helped a leading technology company increase mobile app adoption.

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Crafting a Better User Conference

Maritz Travel helped bring a software company’s annual user conference to life.

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Harnessing Technology to Improve Event Experiences

Learn how an international hotel company and Maritz Travel worked together to improve the guest experience.

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Generating Excitement around Relocation

When a major automotive company relocated its headquarters, it leveraged fam trips to generate excitement around relocation.

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Enhancing the Conference Experience

There’s no room for technology glitches at a user conference! Learn how Maritz Travel helped one company enhance its event technology.

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