Event Housing and Registration —
The Front Door to Your Event

Registration and housing are your guests’ first experiences with your event. Those experiences must be flawless.

Your guests expect perfection. Double-booked rooms, poor follow-up on guest questions or less-than-VIP treatment for your VIPs can ruin an event before you get a nametag around a guest’s neck.

Truly impeccable event housing needs to be a seamless experience for you, too. Do you find yourself:

  • Wasting time with mobile app developers, only to discover they can’t deliver on your event’s special requirements?
  • Wondering why your vendors can’t work together instead of making you the go-between for your air travel, hotel booking and logistics partners?
  • Constantly downloading and uploading attendee lists because your event technology programs don’t talk to each other?

Too many event registration tools and vendors invite mistakes that cost you time and money. But what else can you do?

Event housing doesn’t have to be this hard

You and your guests want one place to manage hotel bookings, airline reservations and event registration.

The truth is: You can have it all. The right registration and housing partner offers:

  • Flexibility and experience integrating with multiple technology platforms (including your pre-existing event registration tools).
  • One dedicated contact to build and manage your event website and registration, so you don’t worry about upkeep or troubleshooting.
  • Web producers & designers that specialize in website deployments.
  • Data reporting that identifies the right criteria for event success and implement the tools you need to gather the right meeting analytics. 
  • Ways to easily manage guests who want to book extra nights at the hotel before or after the event dates. 
  • Mobile apps for guests that include all their registration data in one place.

Maritz Travel’s Event Housing Works for You and Your Guests

Maritz Travel’s proprietary registration software creates a registration site that’s easy to maintain for you and intuitive for your event guests – even on mobile devices.

Our registration software gives your guests a seamless experience from registration to their return flight home. With Maritz Travel, your guests book air travel, reserve hotel rooms and register for your event in one place. And when they arrive, it easy for them to access all their travel information, session schedules and documents in your event’s mobile app.

We make your experience easier, too. Unlike other event management companies, we have a dedicated creative team and web developers. This means no more wasted time building your own registration sites or troubleshooting guest questions and special requests.

Maritz Travel provides the exact level of service you need – nothing more. Our size and history gives us the ability to scale up to address any situation at any time.

In the last year, Maritz Travel:

  • Built over 1,000 event and registration websites
  • Booked 150,000 airline tickets
  • Registered 350,000 event guests

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