On-Site Event Support —
Because Every Moment of Your Event Matters.

No matter how much you’ve planned, the difference between your event’s success or failure often comes down to your on-the-ground event support team.

According to the International Institute of Event Management, the biggest mistake in event planning is the failure to hire the right people to staff your event.

An understaffed event leaves you running around putting out fires – and can leave your guests feeling confused, ignored and frustrated. Seemingly minor issues can quickly become the one thing your guests remember.

Can your event staffing agencies provide event support that impresses your guests and keeps the pressure off of you? 

How to Evaluate Event Staffing Agencies

When researching event staffing agencies, make sure your partner has experience handling:

  • Transportation – Figuring out how to get around in a strange city can be a huge source of anxiety for your guests. Event staffing agencies should start your event off on the right foot with a team that greets your guests as they arrive at the airport, and help solve travel issues like flight cancellations or delays.
  • Registration and Hospitality - Your registration desk is the first place guests turn when they have questions and problems. Good event support staff makes your registration desk the central hub for all information. They manage last-minute cancellations, unexpected guests and special accommodations.
  • Activities Management – Special activities can be one of the most memorable parts of your guests’ experience, and a good event support team can make sure they go off without a hitch.
  • Meetings Management – Frustration mounts when speakers and guests can’t find the right room. Great travel directors manage your meeting flow perfectly, know exactly where to place signage and direct hotel staff and production companies.  Your guests should focus on the speaker and their content, not on technical problems or an uncoordinated event staff.
  • Food, Beverage and Hotel Billing Management – A skilled on-site support team can review all final room block, and food and beverage billing – before anyone signs off on it – ensuring you never pay more than you should. 

Maritz Travel’s Skilled Travel Directors Make Your Event – and You – Look Good

Planning effective business events requires partners that understand how to deliver an event experience that represents your company’s brand and helps achieve your event’s goals. They also have the depth and breadth of experience to handle technical difficulties, guest inquiries and other inevitable issues.

When you hire Maritz Travel’s travel directors for event support, you have one point of contact for your event – a lead travel director who manages your Maritz event team, with specialists in transportation, registration and housing, activities management, meetings management, food and beverage, as well as hotel billing.

Your team of travel directors is always backed by Maritz Travel’s 24/7 emergency operations center, ensuring you always have the support you need in the case of an emergency.

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