Event Technology —
The Key to a Seamless Guest Experience

Event technology can make or break your company’s most important events.

When the stakes are high, your event management software must run perfectly. A few technical snags quickly turn into a tide of social media complaints and a flood of negative guest feedback.

Your guests expect your technology to work when they need it – no exceptions. They need a one-stop shop for their event information. The want seamless experience from the moment they receive an invitation to your event until they return home.

As your guests’, expectations rise, the importance of a flawless experience rises too. New mobile apps and event management software are released every day.

How do you choose the right event management software for your guests? How do you make event technology work together?

Without the right technology solution to manage your event logistics, you’ll find yourself:

  • Downloading names from your clunky registration site just so you can upload them to another system for ongoing guest information management.
  • Manually comparing airline ticket purchases to your hotel reservations, wondering why the systems don’t just talk to each other.
  • Wasting time negotiating with technology vendors in the never ending search for an integrated solution that meets all of your needs.

Choosing the Right Event Technology for You and Your Guests

Maritz Travel can solve your biggest event technology challenges – whether you have existing technology partners you want to use or need an end-to-end event technology solution that works for you.

We work with you to vet the right event management software for you. We also know how to collaborate with your current technology vendors to deliver flawless integration critical to effective business events.

Our fully integrated event technology solution gives your guests a seamless experience from start to finish. Your guests register, book air travel, reserve hotel rooms and register for your event in one place. They easily access all their travel information, session schedules and all needed documents in your event’s mobile app.

Our API allows us to integrate with your CRM or any existing systems you need – meaning you exchange data between all of your systems in real time.  Best of all, you only use one system to manage their experience.

Maritz Travel’s full technology services allows you to manage and integrate the following aspects of your event:


  • Event payment
  • Exhibitor and sponsor sign up
  • Event registration
  • Air travel ticketing
  • Hotel room booking

Session Management:

  • Call for papers
  • Speaker portal
  • Agenda builder
  • Standardized forms

Mobile Apps:

  • Social media engagement
  • Guest to guest messaging
  • Access to agendas
  • Push alerts for new or rescheduled sessions
  • Real time surveys
  • All needed documents
  • Video and other user generated content


  • Event check in
  • Lead retrieval to gather attendee information
  • Session monitoring to manage guests’ attendance
  • RFID technology to monitor attendees

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