Event Measurement
that Proves Business Results

Your bosses want a clear tie between your event and business results. They want more from your meeting evaluation, especially as meeting analytics become easier to collect.

You know that your meetings, events and incentive travel programs deliver incredible value to your company. But how do you choose the right meeting analytics to prove it?

That’s why you need a partner on your side that understands event measurement. The best meeting evaluation services help you understand your guests’ needs and deliver insight into how you need to optimize attendee engagement.

Without the right meeting analytics, you’ll find yourself:

  • Trying to piece important event data together long after the event ended
  • Developing reports and analysis that share most anecdotal feedback or data that doesn’t show impact on critical business goals.
  • Delivering low-level insights and surface recommendations to senior leadership.

Choosing the Right Meeting Analytics

Strategic event measurement takes your event to a new level.  You begin by planning what your guests want from their meeting experience, track metrics that prove your meeting those goals during the event and deliver a report that clearly spells success.

We work with you to define your objectives upfront. These objectives are based on your business goals and attendee feedback. Then, we help you design an event specially crafted to meet those objectives. And lastly, we measure your event’s success based on those strategic objectives.

Without the right expertise, it is nearly impossible to balance your need for meaningful meeting analytics and your other responsibilities to execute a great event.

Proving the Value of Your Event with the Right Meeting Analytics

Maritz Travel’s approach to event measurement identifies the right analytics for event success and tools to gather the right meeting data. We work behind the scenes to make sure your event – and you – look good.

Partnering with Maritz Travel on event measurement removes subjectivity from your budget and value discussions. Our reports help you focus on event data and the insights you gain from strategic meeting analytics. You get meeting results that drive your business forward.

With Maritz Travel’s proprietary data warehouse you can:

  • Compile and store all of your program data in one place
  • Provide monthly reports and market intel on an on-going basis
  • Make strategic purchasing decisions year-over-year based on the data
  • Share spend details and savings information with your boss
  • Access real-time reporting 24/7

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