Strategic Event Design —
The Key to Flawless Meetings

The challenge to capture and maintain guest attention at your events has never been greater. Your events need to be educational, meaningful, motivational, memorable … and on budget.

Strategic event design reduces the subjectivity around your event’s success and improves outcomes.

When you partner with Maritz Travel on meeting design, we ensure that your business objectives and your guests’ experience drive every element of your event. That means we help your event – and you – look good.

The Right Meeting Design Needs the Right Data

Your event needs to deliver personal value to each guest so they’re motivated to take the actions you need when the event is over.

At Maritz Travel, we partner with you to survey your guests before, during and after the event. Our six-step process for Designing the Guest Experience uses that feedback to develop an effective meeting design that meets your goals and your guests’ expectations.

  1. Pre-Lab Survey: We start by gathering demographic and psychographic data on your guests and survey them to understand their perceptions and expectations of your event.
  2. Design Lab: During our interactive design lab, you’ll work with a seasoned facilitator to craft a total event experience that aligns around:
    • Your Brand: All aspects of the guest experience should reinforce your brand personality.
    • Organizing Principle: One or two words that capture the essence of the event, providing a guiding standard to evaluate event elements.
    • Business Outcomes: Identify the five ways you need to answer: “What does my company need from this event?”
    • Guest Impressions: Creating the narrative you want your guests to take away from your event – and share with others!
  3. Concept Testing Design Survey: Follow up with guest research to expand, test, refine and prioritize ideas and concepts you selected in the initial design in the first two steps. 
  4. Pre-Event Objectives Measure Survey: Set a baseline so you can understand and report on changes in attendee engagement, guest awareness and opinions about your event.
  5. On-Site Event Observation and Discussion: Our on-site staff helps you capture real-time feedback and examples of your event design in action.
  6. Post-Event Objective Measure Survey: We ask your guests about their experience, and help you understand what the changes in pre-event expectations and post-event opinions mean for your company and your events.

Let Our Meeting Design Experts Create Your Perfect Meeting Experience

Our meeting design experts help you achieve your goals by creating a meeting experience that resonates with all of your guests. Take the guesswork out of your next meeting, and let us deliver the data and design you need to succeed.

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