Corporate flight management
is more challenging than ever.

You’re expected to deliver flawless guest experiences while staying on budget, but the corporate air travel climate makes that feel impossible.

Let’s face it – air travel is no longer a luxurious experience. An airport horror story can define your guests’ experience — no matter how perfectly the rest of your meeting or event goes.

At the same time, rising costs, fewer flights and new fees mean corporate flight management eats up more of your event budget than ever before.

You have enough on your plate to worry about. Do you find yourself:

  • Wasting your time constantly searching for the lowest rates and booking flights?
  • Lying awake wondering if you’re getting the best deal for your guests?
  • Answering every frantic email or guest call about their travel problems?

Let Maritz Travel help.

Corporate Air Travel That Works for Your Guests

Maritz Travel’s corporate flight management team manages flight logistics for all of your guests. That means you can focus on what really matters — the event itself. We make everything about corporate air travel easy for you and your guests.

Our corporate flight management team provides:

  • A seamless registration and air booking process for your event. Your guests register, book air travel, hotel rooms and register for your event in one place. Eliminate confusion for your guests by including their travel information and documents in your event’s mobile app.
  • Access to 24/7 phone support. When problems pop up, your guests won’t be stuck on hold or waiting in line at the airport customer service desk. A real person answers when they call their travel help line. Then our experienced team helps them solve their problem. We answered more than 200,000 of those calls last year.
  • Peace of mind in a disaster scenario. When the unexpected happens, you have a team that knows how to get your guests home safely. We manage quick and safe travel for guests effected by everything from blizzards and natural disasters to terrorist attacks.

Corporate Air Travel That Works for Your Budget

Maritz Travel’s size and decades of experience mean we know how to manage every situation that could affect your event.  Our scale gives us unmatched buying power in the industry, which results in cost savings you can’t find anywhere else.

In the last year we:

  • Delivered $5.8 million in airfare savings for our clients
  • Managed $101,352,510 in total spend
  • Purchased 150,000 airline tickets for guests

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