Event Management Services —
When the stakes are high,
Maritz Travel can help.

Your guests want a flawless event experience.
Your boss wants results.
You want to keep everyone happy.

The right event management services partner should help clients shine – working alongside you, your team and your existing partners to deliver the results you and your guests demand.

Maritz Travel delivers the exact level of service you need, whether that’s end-to-end event management logistics or simply pitching in where you need us. It’s up to you.

As your event management services partner, we operate as an extension of your corporate event services team, helping you deliver flawless event experiences.

Find the right corporate
event services partner for you

Before picking your corporate event services partner, ask these questions to find the right company for you.

Strategic Event Design

Your guests expect a customized event experience. Are you getting an event design aligned with your organization's and your guests' need or did you get an event design that's just paint-by-numbers?

Maritz Travel's event design team helps you achieve your goals by creating meeting experiences that resonate with all of your guests.

Event Sourcing

Are you sure you’re getting the best deal for you at destinations all over the world? In a seller’s market, can they deliver great rates without you having to give up critical protections?

Maritz Travel’s unparalleled buying power and preferred supplier relationships deliver great rates and concessions for our clients.

Event Management and Meeting Logistics

Does your event management partner have the experience to cover every logistical detail?

Maritz Travel’s integrated technology and skilled project management team ensures nothing ever slips through the cracks.

Event Promotion and Communications

Do your event communications drive action before, during and after the event?

Our creative communications team of experienced creative professionals helps you drive registrations, inspire guests to take action and create communications aligned with your event goals.

Corporate Flight Management

Do you really want to waste time searching for the lowest rates and managing the itinerary of all your guests?

We don’t just help with booking air, we also serve as a 24/7 resource to your guests to solve the frustrations of long lines, delays and cancellations.

Registration & Event Housing

Is your registration and event housing process painless for your guests, or do you spend all your time walking people through complicated registration software?

Our event housing and event registration tools give your guests a one-stop-shop to manage hotel bookings, airline reservations and event registration.

Event Technology

Can your event partner integrate all of your event technology so it works together? Do they have experience quickly solving inevitable technical snags?

Maritz Travel partners with you to select the right technology for your event, and we collaborate with your technology vendors to deliver flawless integration.

On-Site Event Support

Are you confident your on-site support is reliable and experienced with meetings like yours?

Our on-site support team of highly trained travel directors works as extension of your event support team – rolling up their sleeves to ensure each guests’ needs are met.

Event Measurement, Analysis and Reporting

Do your event reporting metrics focus on what matters most to your organization, driving business growth?

Our data and analysis reporting team helps you prove the value of your event, packaging cost savings data, event analytics and testimonials to showcase the impact of your event.

Maritz Travel can save you money and help you design a better event.


Last year alone, Maritz Travel delivered event logistics for nearly 4,500 events for professionals like you.

For more than 50 years, Maritz Travel has partnered with our clients to improve event performance by aligning event management services around your goals: keeping your program on strategy and on budget.