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We have more than 50 years of experience in creating the experience.

No one is more committed to delivering an engaging experience than Maritz Travel. It’s what we do. Everyday. For more than 7,000 programs a year. And what sets us apart is our ability to deliver true business value to your program. We deliver it flawlessly. On-budget. Beyond expectations. And with your business objectives top of mind.


We use a three-tiered approach to ensure your meeting, event or incentive travel program delivers the end result your business needs.

1. Exceptional Experiences
We design and execute programs that standout and exceed the expectations of your participants as well as you and your stakeholders. We have the people, business processes, and complete solutions to make the impact you want. Even better, we align your program to your business needs to deliver a memorable and measurable experience.

2. Effective Outcomes
Everyone strives to have the perfect meeting, event or travel program. But how do you get it? We ensure your program delivers the most value possible by using research-based insights. You’ll have a better understanding of what your attendees desire, what your meeting content should deliver, the appropriate audience type and more. By maximizing your program design, you’ll optimize your program spend… making both your attendees and stakeholders very happy.

3. Strategy
Meeting and event program spend is often the second-largest corporate expense, and many corporations underestimate their total ME&I spend by as much as 40%. Identifying your strategy upfront and applying the right design can deliver more impact and value from your program. If you begin to manage your ME&I strategy on a more holistic level, we can provide an overall portfolio perspective that helps you drive performance up and costs down. Our approach to planning considers all activities, audiences and objectives for your company. You’ll not only achieve more engaging and effective meetings, events, and incentive travel programs, but we will also help you gain higher efficiencies and mitigate risks in areas such as rates, leadtimes, contract terms and proposal responses.

Designing Exceptional Event Experiences

We design programs that take your breath away and deliver on your business goals. Where can we take your business?

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Maritz Travel Company Receives Highest Level of PCI Compliance Certification

Maritz Travel Company announced that it has received the highest level of certification of PCI-DSS – Payment Card Industry Security Standard – for its meetings, events and incentive travel business from the PCI Security Standards Council.

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